The Open Wing Alliance Publishes Its 2023 Cage-Free Fulfillment Report, Showing an Increase Over Last Year with 89% of Corporate Cage-Free Commitments Fulfilled

Report finds the majority of companies pledging to remove cruel cages from supply chains by 2022 have completed transition ahead of schedule

NEW YORK, May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — According to new data released by the Open Wing Alliance (OWA) today, global companies are transitioning to cage-free eggs at unprecedented rates, and 89% of companies with cage-free egg commitment deadlines of 2022 have been fulfilled. Almost 2,500 commitments have been made by food corporations around the world to remove cruel cages from their egg supply chains and 1157 of these companies have successfully completed transitioning their supply chains to cage-free.

The OWA’s Cage-Free Fulfillment Report demonstrates that cage-free eggs are becoming commonplace in the global egg industry, thanks to the remarkable efforts of the 98 animal protection organizations in 70 countries comprising the OWA.

“Companies across the world are responding to consumer demand and establishing themselves as higher welfare brands by transitioning to cage-free eggs at rapid rates,” says Hannah Surowinski, Global Corporate Relations Manager, the Open Wing Alliance. “Switching to cage-free systems is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to meaningfully reduce the suffering of egg-laying hens.”

“The swift transitions to cage-free eggs not only increase customer loyalty, but they also set powerful examples for other companies with upcoming cage-free commitment deadlines to follow,” says Abby Sarfas, Global Corporate Projects Coordinator. 

 Key findings of the report include:

          Nearly 2,500 corporate cage-free welfare policies have been secured around the world. 
          1157 companies have successfully completed the transition of their supply chains to
          89% of all corporate cage-free commitments with a 2022 deadline or earlier have been
          A complete transition to cage-free supply has been seen across industry sectors:
                    509 restaurants
                    269 manufacturers
                    174 retailers
                    118 foodservice and caterers
                    95 hospitality companies
                    53 producers
                    19 distributors
          Just 4% of companies who made the pledge to be cage-free by 2022 are not yet fully cage-
               free though they are publicly reporting on their progress, while only 7% are not yet publicly
               reporting on the status of their transition.

For more information about the Open Wing Alliance, visit here. Follow along with the cage-free movement on Twitter @GlobalCageFree.

Karen Hirsch

SOURCE Open Wing Alliance