The Wall Printer: Gateway to Affordable Entrepreneurship and Creative Freedom

The Wall Printer’s (TWP) Vertical and Floor Printers offer entrepreneurs, established businesses, public facilities, and creatives (artists, schools, museums, & graphic designers, etc.) innovative ways to build businesses and improve upon the creative process.

NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Wall Printer (TWP) is revolutionizing printing technology. A U.S.-based digital printer empowers businesses and creatives with an affordable, limitless business model. Aptly dubbed a ‘workhorse inkjet printer on steroids,’ TWP guarantees durable image printing without size restrictions, indoors or outdoors, on any surface—from brick to glass and beyond. Unleash your creativity and showcase original art, murals, or signage.

Unlocking the door to entrepreneurship has never been easier with TWP’s business package (,) this is no franchise. Skip the burdens and restrictions—TWP offers buyers an all-inclusive toolkit, training, and servicing for success, empowering business owners to be their bosses and shape their businesses as they envision.

“At The Wall Printer, we redefine creative expression. Our affordable entry costs and robust support services empower you to turn your dreams of owning your own business into a reality. Elevate your entrepreneurial vision with us – where innovation meets accessibility.” – Paul Baron, Founder and CEO of The Wall Printer

In stark contrast to franchises, TWP’s offering is remarkably affordable. No hefty upfront costs or franchise fees—just the freedom to grow your business on your terms. Long-term expenses are minimized as there are no royalties on sales. Purchase the printer and inks from TWP and gain access to invaluable training, support, and marketing insights from our headquarters location. Allowing you to carve your niche in lucrative territories, TWP offers exclusive rights to sell throughout a region.

For ambitious entrepreneurs, TWP opens doors to exclusive rights for regional distribution, allowing clients to become distributors and expand their geographic footprint. In an impressive feat, TWP has already successfully sold 72 Protected Territories across North and South America in less than three years. 

About The Wall Printer:

Step into the future of digital printing with The Wall Printer, a groundbreaking solution for vertical and floor printing. Our state-of-the-art printers ensure durable and vivid image printing, more than tools—they’re your vehicle to transform spaces with high-quality, stunning art indoors and outdoors. Since its inception in 2019, TWP has been at the forefront of creating attainable global business opportunities.

Based in Wilmington, NC, our commitment goes beyond innovation; we serve as the gateway to cultivating business opportunities and enhancing the world’s beauty, one surface at a time. 

Contact: Richard Jacovitz
M. 646-373-3066

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