ThermaMEDx Co-founder Ben Nobles Joins Select Group at the 2023 PERC Elevate Dry Eye Workshop

ATLANTA, Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ThermaMEDx LLC proudly announces the participation of its co-founder, Ben Nobles, at the PERC 2023 Elevate National Meeting. Hosted by the Professional Eyecare Resource Co-Op (PERC), this annual event is a beacon for many of the 7,000+ doctors who are PERC members to learn about the latest breakthroughs in eye care.

This year, the spotlight was on Dry Eye Disease (DED) and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). Guided by the esteemed Dr. Milton Hom, the Dry Eye Workshop offered attendees insights into the latest research surrounding DED and MGD causes and solutions.

Mr. Nobles was among the select few industry experts invited to this exclusive three-day conference by Drs. Jason Lake and Jeffry Gerson. “We’ve always recognized that consistent application of precise heat, coupled with daily eyelid hygiene, can effectively combat MGD-related dry eye,” said Dr. Gerson, “However, patient non-compliance due to inconvenient treatments has been a significant challenge.”

Highlighting the recent national launch of EverTears across PERC, Dr. Lake added, “EverTears is an innovative at-home treatment that merges an instant heating compress with a pre-moistened eyelid cleaning pad. Its convenience and effectiveness after only a week of use has led to improved patient compliance.”

With a rich 30-year history in the eye care sector, including a leadership role at industry giant Alcon, Mr. Nobles engaged attendees over the course of the workshop.  He showcased how EverTears technology has been clinically proven effective in treating MGD, which accounts for over 86% of all dry eye cases.

“The Elevate Dry Eye Workshop was invaluable for PERC members,” said Mr. Nobles. “Sharing Dr. Ron Melton’s groundbreaking clinical study data was pivotal. But witnessing doctors’ reactions to EverTears’ simplicity and efficacy was the highlight. Dr. Melton’s study revealed a 45% drop in dry eye symptoms in just a week of using EverTears. This aligns with feedback from eye care professionals about enhanced patient compliance and relief.”

The Elevate Conference stands as PERC’s flagship annual national event, drawing optometric professionals nationwide. It offers a blend of business management curriculum, COPE-approved education, influential keynote addresses, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

**About ThermaMEDx LLC**:

ThermaMEDx is dedicated to Dr. Michel Guillon’s vision of harnessing thermal energy to provide an accessible, effective treatment for dry eyes and meibomian gland dysfunction. As a family-owned enterprise, it’s steered by a medical board of globally recognized doctors, all united in their mission to improve patient outcomes by offering the best possible at-home treatment for dry eyes related to MGD.

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