This Entrepreneur Cracked The Idea of a “Marketing Funnel”… and Got the Whole B2B World Buzzing

ROSENBERG, Texas, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — When Brandon Northwick created the Wingman Service for his company “Northwicks Consulting,” he wanted to create something that would take 100% of the stress off the client’s shoulders.

A true, “never-been-done-before” service, and after almost 24 months of research, he found there was not one company out there who offered a:

  • 30-day set-up guarantee* — 100% money back guarantee if you’re not generating new leads in less than 30 days.
  • 90-day performance guarantee** — 100% money back guarantee if the sales and marketing system do not perform as expected.
  • No “asset hostage” clause — meaning all intellectual property built for you is yours to keep, even if we stop doing business together.
  • 180-day ongoing support (free)

What makes Northwicks Consulting so special?

Besides the fact there’s nobody on the Northwick Team with less than 5 years sales and marketing experience, and each strategist is dedicated to the success our clients.

There’s also the fact that we’ll never create the exact same sales system twice.

This means no matter who does business with you, you can be confident it’s a new and exciting experience nobody has ever offered them before.

With a complete sales and marketing plan + guaranteed growth strategies laid out right in front of you, it’ll be easy to see how the sales will multiply.

With Northwicks Consulting it’s about systems.

They do more than just “consult,” they’ll even take the data for you and begin to tweak our approach based on what’s performing best. This allows them to save their clients a ton of money from over testing, something their competitors don’t do.

The final stage, after the system is performing, they begin scaling client results so they can grow at the rate their business can handle. By this time in their journey, all clients have seen a return from their investment, and are now reaping the rewards from their decision to do business with Northwicks Consulting.

To learn more about the sales & marketing systems that are causing all this “buzz”, visit

(*)**see site for details regarding guarantees and performance expectations

Media Contact: Brandon Northwick
Media Contact Number: (832) 271-2302

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