Three Authors Release a Generation-Spanning Memoir Describing Poverty and Racial Inequality Surmounted by Love and Family in the Deep South – ‘A Journey of Love, Faith, Strength, and Determination’

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga., Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Grover Jackson, Mary Fullard, and E. Christine Jackson recently announced the release of their coauthored memoir, “A Journey of Love, Faith, Strength, and Determination.” Spanning a family lineage that reaches back into the sharecropping, post-slavery days of Georgia, “A Journey” begins as a deeply touching story of growing up Black and poor in the heart of America’s racial divide. As the book progresses, the story evolves into a global spanning epic that witnesses 14 children lifted from poverty by way of education, personal motivation, tenacity, and the grace of God’s love. The book is available as a hardcover, paperback or e-book purchase through, Barnes & Noble,, and other book sellers.    

“Our family was among the few independent farmers who farmed and never owned any land. The majority of those who were not landowners sharecropped or hired out as day laborers. As I reflect on my childhood farming experience, my family farmed and lived on the Fitzgerald’s place seemingly just for the exercise. We worked hard and had great work ethics. However, we never had anything to show for our efforts – except nobody ever seemed to gain any weight” … “The black farmer trusted the landowner for his family’s survival. The only thing a farmer had to offer was labor.” – From “A Journey”

Synopsis: Chronicling the lives of 14 siblings raised by poor but loving parents who were directly descended from slaves, “A Journey” begins as a biography set in the mid-1800s, and recounts early days of hard work and a country filled with ever-present, white-supremacist dangers. Working through the fog of history and the deliberate erasure of Black stories, the authors managed to pull together facts, oral stories told to them as children, and family legends that weave the early tale of a strong, determined family who refused to be broken by circumstance and hard times. Always encouraged, the family held together through a strong mother who was “a woman of great wisdom and acumen – the matriarch who saw fit to encourage her older children to move north and prepare a place for the rest who would come when it was fitting to do so.”

The children never wasted time on regrets that they deserved better than what their poor roots had to offer – they just dreamed that they could do better. And with a few trailblazers – the oldest who moved north to pave the way for the others – that is precisely what they did. Never wanting to disappoint their mother, all 14 children eventually moved north, with many of them seeking out higher education and the advanced opportunities of going abroad before raising successful families of their own. Mixing multiple genres – memoir, autobiography, and biography – “A Journey” effortlessly spins a narrative, hopeful tale that evokes the very soul of what it means for a family to grow up Black in America.

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