Top Leadership Development Nonprofit Announces Expansion to Reach One Million Diverse Learners Globally by 2030

Ninety-nine percent of program participants are accepted into a college or university and graduate

ATLANTA, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — LEADing for Life, a trailblazer in learning and leadership development, today announced its evolution to the LEADing for Life Enterprise. This strategic shift emphasizes global expansion, providing multigenerational learners with 21st-century programmatic learning experiences, highly sought-after career opportunities, and professional development.

“We believe that learning is a lifestyle, not an event. Our organization is committed to reaching an ambitious goal of serving one million learners by 2030, providing $1,000,000 in scholarships, identifying 100,000 new 21st-century jobs and internships, and launching 100 new entrepreneurial companies,” says Dr. Lawrence M. Drake II, CEO of LEADing for Life Enterprise.

Formerly known as LEAD, which is an acronym for LEADership, Education and Development, the LEADing for Life Enterprise was founded in 1980 as a summer college readiness program for high school students at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. LEADing for Life is proud to count among its alumni some of the world’s top business leaders, including Valisha Graves, Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase; Dr. Raphael Bostic, President & CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta; Teri Ijeoma, Stock Trading Entrepreneur, Trade & Travel; Scott Mills, President & CEO of BET Networks; and Luis UbiƱas, Former President, Ford Foundation, among others.

The LEADing for Life Enterprise is structured around four comprehensive LEARNing Units that build off of each other, ultimately resulting in a well-rounded, future-ready learner who has developed the skills to make an impact in the workplace and the world.

  • LEADing for Life Institute is the enterprise’s signature approach for developing a pipeline of curious learners from high school-to-college-to-career, through innovative college and career readiness programs supported by leading academic institutions and corporate partnerships. Current programs include Global Summer Learning Institute, Global Summer Learning Institute’s REEX: Commercial Real Estate & Urban Development, and Morgan Stanley JumpStart Scholars in Finance. Ninety-nine percent of LEADing for Life scholars are accepted into a college or university and graduate.

Global Immersive Learning Institute programs focus on the preparation of college sophomores, juniors, and seniors for career, entrepreneurship, or graduate study, immersing learners into the top five 21st-century emerging industries. Global Career Matching Initiative is a Global Immersive Learning Institute fellowship program providing a well-prepared and readily accessible talent repository for industry partners while simultaneously creating promising career opportunities for the LEADing for Life fellows prior to graduation.

Executive Development Learning Institute programs promote lifelong learning for LEADing for Life graduate students and career professionals through further or new skills development through virtual or in-person intensive learning experiences.

  • LEADing for Life Academy, launching in fall 2024, is a high school-to-career preparation learning process dedicated to developing skills-based competencies including core and unique industry-related experiences through apprenticeships and a curriculum collaboratively crafted in conjunction with industry partners. Additionally, the academy offers multiple pathways for program graduates to further develop their skills, such as professional development or obtaining a college degree if desired.
  • LEADing for Life Global represents the enterprise’s international arm, comprising LEADing for Life Institute and LEADing for Life Academy versions tailored to meet the diverse needs of learners worldwide. It will span regions such as Latin America, Africa, and the UK. LEADing for Life Global is set to launch in fall 2025.
  • LEADing for Life Enterprise Hub is a nexus designed to accelerate and support resources across all enterprise learning units, including LEADing for Life: Institute, Academy, and Global. This research, innovation, and entrepreneurship lab is designed to cultivate innovation and global collaboration by transforming viable ideas into reality and facilitating partnerships between the enterprise’s learning community, investors, and stakeholders. Thinking Beyond Limits, the entrepreneurial arm of the Hub, serves as both an incubator and accelerator, offering a structured pathway for developing intellectual property, gamification, entrepreneurship, fundraising, research, and more.

The LEADing for Life Enterprise strengthens its community by offering avenues for connectivity, including the new LEADing for Life Community online portal and signature Connect events, designed to keep learners engaged and interconnected. These initiatives unite learners, parents, corporate and university partners, and staff to connect, engage, and reimagine learning. The highly anticipated Global Connect in April 2025 promises to be a landmark event, reinforcing bonds and shaping the future of learning and leadership.

About LEADing for Life Enterprise

Formerly known as LEAD and founded in 1980, the LEADing for Life Enterprise is a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit cross-sector collaborative of premier international global corporations, government agencies, higher education, and nonprofit partnerships that offer a myriad of pathways and entry points for multigenerational learners to participate in the pipeline, preparation, and readiness journey. We are committed to developing generations of curious and engaged learners with the capacity to contribute to humankind, equipped to “think differently” about how they learn, when they learn, and the relevancy and application of what they learn. To date, the LEADing for Life Enterprise boasts a community of more than 30,000 lifelong LEARNers making meaningful change in the world. Capture the future at and follow LEADing for Life on social media.

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