Transforming Safety: AvaWatz is set to Revolutionize Robotics Industries With its Trusted AI Platform

DALLAS, March 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AvaWatz Company (“AvaWatz”), a leading-edge AI company at the forefront of collaborative robotics, proudly announces the launch of its capital raise campaign on the StartEngine platform With a mission to liberate humans from high-risk and tedious tasks, AvaWatz is set to revolutionize industries with its trusted AI platform.

AvaWatz has already garnered significant attention and support, securing over $4.5 million in funding, including $2.2+ from the US Department of Defense. The company’s focus on collaborative robotics has positioned it as a key player in enhancing safety and efficiency across commercial and government sectors.

The AvaWatz platform empowers existing robots to work seamlessly together, even in challenging environments, ensuring the safety of human workers. By tackling complex tasks such as inspections and maintenance, surveillance, and warning for security, AvaWatz aims to transform the way tedious and high-risk tasks are performed.

Traditional robots can perform one task very well but can’t yet make group decisions to solve problems, and they struggle in unstructured and unpredictable environments. AvaWatz addresses these challenges with its trusted AI platform, empowering robots to perform tedious, time-sensitive, high-stress, and high-risk tasks alongside humans. This drastically reduces human exposure to danger, increases safety statistics, and improves profitability.

AvaWatz has been actively collaborating with US defense organizations, achieving significant milestones, including our genesis application for Airfield Runway Debris Detection and Removal and Obstacle Detection and Avoidance application for Tethered Air and Ground Robotic Vehicles. To further accelerate its growth and technology innovation, AvaWatz has chosen the StartEngine platform for its capital raise campaign. Start Engine is an equity crowdfunding platform that enables retail investors from all backgrounds to join AvaWatz on its journey to revolutionize the world of collaborative robotics.

Interested investors can visit AvaWatz’s campaign on StartEngine to learn more about the transformative potential of AvaWatz’s trusted AI platform and participate in shaping the future of robotics.

About AvaWatz
AvaWatz is an AI company specializing in advanced vision/perception, decision-making, and cooperative navigation for task execution using machine learning and physics-based algorithmic technologies. AvaWatz platform drives adaptive autonomous robotic systems built around a Detect-Decide-Act paradigm. AvaWatz provides End-to-End private/hybrid Cloud-based SaaS and real-time Edge AI solutions to public and private sector markets.

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