Twin Cities Wellness Center & Recovery Gym Elevates Wellness-Centered Recovery

TCWCRG expands its facility, introducing state-of-the-art amenities and personalized wellness plans to empower clients on their journey to recovery.

MINNEAPOLIS, May 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Twin Cities Wellness Center & Recovery Gym (TCWCRG), Minnesota’s first wellness center and recovery gym that seamlessly integrates fitness and nutrition programs with conventional addiction recovery methods, proudly announces the expansion of its facility to better serve its growing clientele and further its mission of providing comprehensive wellness-focused recovery programming.

“This expansion is a pivotal moment in our growth journey, both as an organization and in our dedication to fostering the personal growth of our clients,” said Crystal Hill, founder and CEO of TCWCRG. “By integrating fitness and wellness into our recovery programming, we’re empowering individuals to not only overcome addiction but also to thrive in all aspects of their lives. As someone who has personally experienced the transformative power of fitness in my addiction recovery journey, I am deeply committed to ensuring that our expanded facility continues to serve as a beacon of healing for those seeking to reclaim their lives.”

With this expansion, TCWCRG can now serve up to 96 simultaneously, offering a conducive environment for holistic recovery. The organization sets itself apart by integrating fitness and nutrition programming into traditional addiction recovery approaches, ensuring a personalized approach to each client’s wellness journey. Under the guidance of Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADCs) who possess credentials or certifications relating to exercise and fitness, as well as the wellness program supervisor, clients receive individualized treatment plans that incorporate fitness and nutrition elements, promoting physical and mental well-being.

The recent expansion sees the gym space of TCWCRG grow from 3,300 square feet to an impressive 8,500 square feet facility, now equipped with additional studio space to cater to the diverse needs of its clients. The expanded gym boasts a range of amenities including a pickleball court, basketball loop, studio space with flooring for yoga, aerobics, and martial arts, as well as a turf space for various activities. TCWCRG’s wellness groups, conducted within the expansive gym space, focus on a variety of activities tailored to individual capabilities, including circuit training, strength training, weightlifting, aerobics, yoga, lightweight kickboxing, and weekly Muay Thai.

With the expansion, the entirety of the facility now spans 20,250 square feet, featuring a new outlook wing to the gymnasium, executive office, seven faculty offices, and a conference room. Additionally, a dedicated client lounge area has been introduced, providing space for alumni meetings and relaxation.

For those seeking outpatient support with recovery or clinicians interested in TCWCRG’s referral program, visit the official website at or contact

About Twin Cities Wellness Center & Recovery Gym:

Twin Cities Wellness Center & Recovery Gym (TCWCRG) is a Co-Occurring Disorders (COD) outpatient treatment service based in Twin Cities, MN. Grounded in the Adlerian Theory of individual personality development, TCWCRG integrates physical well-being into its services to address the interconnectedness of physical and mental health. The program focuses on a client-centered, solution-focused approach, providing equitable services for individuals with co-occurring conditions.

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