U.S. Senate Candidate Khaled Salem Warns Iran Not to Waste Opportunity to Negotiate with Biden over Nuclear Weapons

NEW YORK, Feb. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Khaled Salem, running for the U.S. Senate against Chuck Schumer in 2022, today issued a warning to Iran not to waste the opportunity to negotiate with the Biden administration over nuclear weapons. As part of a message to the Gulf States, Salem offered encouragement as well as concerns about threats to peace in the region. For the Middle East-born Khaled, who immigrated to the US decades ago, this is an issue and geographical area he knows arguably better than any other candidate in the history of American politics.

Iran and the United States do not need to be on a collision course,” Khaled shared. “Yes, this could be a huge disaster, but this moment also presents an opportunity for both sides. Neither the US nor Iran want a war, especially not a nuclear confrontation. It’s a complex matter, but also relatively simple. If the countries involved elect to move towards peace and cooperation, any issues can be worked out in good faith. There are solutions. It will take skilled diplomacy and good will to make it happen.”

A key criterion, from Khaled’s point of view, is a choice by Iran to move away from military dictatorship. The current regime is aggravating geopolitical conditions in the Middle East to bolster its domestic support. This approach results in a heightened state of tension while also punishing the citizens of Iran with sanctions. “The war-mongering benefits no one, except a power-hungry elite,” Khaled explained. “This needs to stop. Biden is offering an honorable path to peace. They should take it.”

Khaled also advised Gulf States to seek other resources for their people from under the umbrella of the Biden administration. In addition, he urged for a continuation of American policy of alliance with Israel, for protecting that country due to Iran’s hostility as well as other forces in the region that favor terrorism and do not want to live in peace.

More broadly, as the campaign continues, Khaled has repeated his calls for New York City’s mayor and police to intensify policing in the streets, due to increased violence and reckless driving. He asked Congress to accept his call for a new kind of debt consolidation loan for consumers. At the same time, he suggested that Congress take up a rule to limit personal attacks on political opponents—on the grounds that the practice did nothing to benefit the people the US, or even help politicians’ own careers. “This is not freedom of expression,” he said. “It’s idiotic and counterproductive.”

Salem again encouraged the new administration to issue an order to American embassies to stop discriminating against dual American citizens. Other key policy positions include:

  • Laws and procedures to reduce domestic violence nationwide.
  • A reduction in U.S.  military activity and presence in the Middle East.
  • A policy that requires these regions pay for American military services.
  • The establishment of a home loan program for middle class single parents.

Salem is running in the next general election, scheduled for November 8, 2022. Thirty-four of the Senate’s 100 seats are being contested in these elections.

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