unDEAFeated and BLUEMOTH Hearing Unite to Break Down Stigmas and Spread Hearing Loss Awareness

MOORESVILLE, N.C., Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, unDEAFeated, the leading Hearing Loss awareness brand founded by Keenan Tully, announces an exciting partnership with BLUEMOTH Hearing, a revolutionary try-before-you-buy hearing aid company. Together, they aim to raise awareness about Hearing Loss, shatter stigmas surrounding wearing hearing aids, and inspire younger generations to embrace their dreams regardless of hearing challenges.

“This partnership with BLUEMOTH is a significant step towards our shared goal of breaking down barriers and stigmas associated with hearing loss,” said Keenan Tully, the founder of unDEAFeated. “BLUEMOTH’s commitment to providing a better hearing experience aligns perfectly with our mission. Together, we will spread the message that hearing loss should never be a barrier to chasing your dreams.”

By working together, unDEAFeated and BLUEMOTH will amplify their efforts to spread awareness about hearing loss and create a world where wearing hearing aids is seen as a positive choice. They believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience improved hearing and that trying hearing aids before purchasing can enhance that experience.

“We are thrilled to partner with unDEAFeated and Keenan Tully,” said Melanie Hecker, Founder of BLUEMOTH Hearing. “Keenan’s story and his determination to overcome challenges resonate deeply with us. Together, we will inspire individuals worldwide to embrace their hearing loss journey and pursue their dreams with confidence.”

As part of this collaboration, BLUEMOTH will become the main presenting partner of The unDEAFeated Podcast, a platform where Keenan Tully shares inspiring stories and interviews renowned individuals who have triumphed over hearing loss. Additionally, BLUEMOTH will join forces with Tully in his racing program starting Fall 2023. Together, they will compete in a combined program in the Carolina Pro Late Model Series and the CARS Tour Pro Late Model Series. Keenan will also be racing this Saturday November 11th in the NASCAR Limited Late Model division at Hickory Motor Speedway, North Carolina.

Keenan Tully, the founder of unDEAFeated and a Hard of Hearing race car driver, understands the struggles that come with hearing loss. Having faced adversity growing up, including a teacher who told him to remove his hearing aids, Tully turned his personal experiences into motivation. Amidst the silence that enveloped Tully due to his hearing loss, the roar of stock car racing in the UK became his symphony of freedom—an escape where limitations vanished in the rearview mirror. In 2021, Keenan set his sights on NASCAR and moved to the United States without friends or family around. He built unDEAFeated, www.undeafeated.org, to share his story, spread awareness about hearing loss, and empower kids and teenagers to overcome challenges and pursue their aspirations fearlessly.

BLUEMOTH Hearing, https://bluemothhearing.com/, a company dedicated to providing individuals with the best hearing experience, shares unDEAFeated’s vision. By allowing people to try their hearing aids before making a purchase, BLUEMOTH aims to break down barriers and stigmas associated with hearing loss. This strategic partnership will enable unDEAFeated and BLUEMOTH to reach a wider audience and create a positive impact globally. BLUEMOTH Hearing offers premium prescription hearing technology and comprehensive telehealth support, revolutionizing how consumers engage with hearing healthcare.

Through this partnership, unDEAFeated and BLUEMOTH are poised to make a lasting impact in the Hearing Loss community. By combining their resources, expertise, and passion, they will empower individuals with hearing loss to live life to the fullest and prove that hearing loss is not a barrier to success.

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