University of Silicon Andhra Honors Class of 2021 with a Virtual Celebration

MILPITAS, Calif., Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — During a virtual celebration Saturday in honor of the 2021 graduating students, President Anand Kuchibhotla offered his congratulations to students and speaking on behalf of the UofSA family, inspired them to take pride in their accomplishments.

India being the oldest civilization, for centuries it had world class universities like Takshashila and Nalanda. In 1916 Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya established Banaras Hindu University against many odds. I believe in celebrating the past for the benefit of the future. Let us take inspiration from all these to make UofSA as a world class institution of higher learning. Let us move forward with confidence that future is ours,” he said.

The live streamed event marked the end of Fall Semester 2020 and the completion of degrees and diplomas for 38 students from the departments of Kuchipudi Dance, Carnatic Music, Bharata Natyam and Sanskrit. Students with their friends and families tuned in from several countries to celebrate the graduates’ accomplishments.

“University is delivering ancient knowledge of performing arts, and literature through modern technology, thus making it possible for everyone to learn seamlessly and benefit from it,” said Dr. Venugopala Rao Pappu, Chairman, Board of Trustees. 

Commencement speaker and Ambassador of India to United Nations T.S. Tirumuti released the university journal ‘SASTRA’ and congratulated the graduating class of 2021 for their efforts and accomplishments.

“When you graduate and leave the portals of the university, you truly become the ambassadors of Indian thought, art, traditions and culture. When you step out, you would be representing India, not just yourself. The main things that differentiate Indian arts from other artforms are spirituality and divinity.” he continued. “India has made concerted efforts in the last few years to project our traditional practices, cultural heritage and eternal values on the international stage.” he said.

Provost Raju Chamarthi led the presentation of the graduating class of 2021. “We have come a long way in the last four years. Lot of things have changed but the passion for growth of the university remains the same. University received candidacy in 2020 and expects to receive accreditation this year.” he said while congratulating the students and faculty for yet another successful academic year.

CFO Deenababu Kondubhatla gave the closing remarks. “University creates roles in creativity and scholarship for students to become leaders in society.” he urged students to stay connected to their roots.

The celebration opened with Vedic chant by Marepalli Venkata Sastri and American national anthem by Jahnavi Chamarthi. Followed by UofSA graduation ceremony anthem composed by DR. TK. Saroja and rendered by the faculty and students of the Department of Music.

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