Unveiling Ubique Network’s Trailblazing Internship Program: Bridging the Gap Between Gen Z Talent and Startup Success

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ubique Network, a game-changer in the college marketing arena, is thrilled to announce its remote Internship Program tailored for college students nationwide. As an industry leader deeply invested in Gen Z engagement, the company’s latest initiative promises to provide students an immersive experience in marketing, business strategy, and entrepreneurship.

“Our Internship Program is more than a learning opportunity; it’s a platform for actual business experiences that bridge the gap between the classroom and real-world application,” says Corrado, the Gen Z CEO and Founder of Ubique Network. “We are fully invested in the next generation of leaders by giving them meaningful roles that prepare them for their future endeavors beyond college doors.”

Ubique Network’s Dual Mission: Student Empowerment & Startup Growth

What sets this program apart is its dual mission: to shape future business leaders while also acting as a catalyst for startups. Interns work directly with Ubique Network’s esteemed VC backed startup clients, allowing students to delve into critical aspects of college marketing and business development. Startups gain unique perspectives and insight into their Gen Z target market; while students gain hands-on experience and lasting networking opportunities. Ubique Network’s goal is to give its interns the opportunity to grow into a more established position within Ubique Network, under one of their clients, or serve as a solid launching pad for their interns’ individual career goals.

Meet the Fall 2023 Ubique Network Intern Team

After a meticulous selective process and an array of impressive applicants, Ubique Network proudly introduces its Fall 2023 intern cohort:

Jonathan, Financial Intern: Manages financial analysis and budgeting.

Timmy, Public Outreach Intern: Leads Sweetfin’s brand outreach and student-athlete ambassador programs.

Josh, Marketing Intern and Music Industry Specialist: Leverages his music industry background to accelerate growth marketing for Airbuds.

Olivia, Content Editor and PR Specialist: Manages press releases and blogs, while also supporting our public relations and social media efforts.

Hayate, Campus Director & Social Media Marketer: Oversees campus brand ambassadors and social media marketing, driving both online and on-campus engagement for Mila.

Chloe, Partnerships Specialist: Forges alliances between startups and student-led organizations.

Harshil, Marketing and Financial Analyst: Analyzes app performance data, offering actionable insights that guide our marketing decisions and financial projections.

Each intern brings a unique skill set, enhancing Ubique Network’s multifaceted approach to growth marketing. In a digital landscape replete with challenges, this team exemplifies the transformative power of Gen Z, bolstering Ubique’s tailor-made marketing solutions.

Ubique Network welcomes college students interested in IMC studies and entrepreneurship to apply. “We’re not just offering internships; we’re offering career-launching opportunities,” says Corrado.

New internship opportunities are available every semester. Learn more and/or apply here for Ubique Network’s Spring 2024 cohort!

About Ubique Network

Ubique Network is a pioneering college marketing firm focused on connecting early-stage startups with the untapped potential of the Gen Z demographic. Through innovative strategies and a win-win philosophy, Ubique is redefining the future of growth marketing.

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Corrado Summaria, Founder & CEO
Ubique Network


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