Validated Claim Support Expands Before and After Clinical Imaging Capabilities

TEANECK, N.J., Feb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Validated Claim Support, an FDA Registered and Inspected Personal Care Clinical Testing Laboratory in Teaneck NJ, has just announced a major expansion of their Before and After photographic capabilities which help demonstrate product efficacy.

As a leading provider of skincare claim support in the Clinical Research Organization (CRO) space, also known as Testing, Inspection, Certification and Compliance (TICC), Validated provides custom tailored claim studies designed to differentiate products in domestic and global markets. Specializing in In-vivo testing by way of Expert Grading, Bio-Instrumental Assessments, Consumer In-Use Studies, and High-Resolution Imaging, Validated Claim Support offers a unique bridge between scientifically backed claims and marketing ready presentation formats.

According to Brian Ecclefield, VCS’ Managing Director, "Validated is proud to announce that we’ve recently purchased a Canfield Visia CR Generation 5, and will be one of the first labs in the world to use it in a clinical setting. With the newest version of 3D analysis through Canfield’s Primos capture system at our fingertips, we’ll be an early adapter of the new cutting-edge hardware and the analysis software that backs it up." 

As clinical support for products becomes more sought after in the ever-changing, competitive skincare and cosmetic marketplace, staying ahead of industry trends is something that Jane Tervooren, Vice President of VCS, believes is a core competency of their organization. "Every year the latest and greatest trends in skincare evolve as consumers demand more effective and transparently sourced products. As the consumer learns about how ingredients are sourced and how effective they are claimed to be, the entire supply chain has to adapt and help present product claims in an ethical, efficient and easy to understand manner."

As a result, VCS has invested heavily into its Clinical Before and After Testing studios within its research laboratory. Validated recommends including clinical photos in most study designs, as they provide a window into what technicians see behind the scenes. Historically, expert grading and instrumentation have been the strongest supporting data for studies and new product launches. By combining high resolution Before and After images, 3D skin model analysis, and custom visual support, Validated hopes to further educate the industry and consumers on what a product actually does by letting them see it with their own eyes.

"People used to say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in our industry a high resolution, digitally controlled photograph that clearly shows product efficacy can be worth tens of millions of dollars to a brand in global product sales," says Brian Ecclefield.  "Our Clinical Photography Studios and imaging technology allow even smaller brands and newcomers to the skincare and cosmetic world to have an equal opportunity to prove how well their products work."

According to Jane Tervooren, not every product can be shot in the same lighting conditions. The proprietary nature of Validated’s customizable studios provides a real competitive edge for their clientele. "Our sponsors trust us to completely custom tailor their studies, sometimes even creating one off studio environments to control the variables associated with individual products and their efficacy and application."  Jane adds that Validated is not like other competitor laboratories, because they have a uniquely trained, 16-year veteran behind the lens. "At Validated Claim Support our clinical photography studio has been completely custom build by James VanZetta, who has spent his career custom tailoring novel, high end clinical studios for major multinational sponsors, as well as other clinical testing laboratories. We’re incredibly lucky to have the best in the business behind the camera." 

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