VanEsch USA Introduces SprayBrick Cooking Surface

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VanEsch USA, a cookware manufacturer in Arlington Heights, IL introduced their new SprayBrick cooking surface. The thermal-sprayed coating was designed to bring the baking characteristics of a brick oven into a home kitchen.  The SprayBrick coating replaces the seasoned carbon steel coating used previously on the BakePlate bakeware manufactured by VanEsch USA.

Wood or coal fired ovens, lined with brick, make the best pizza crust. When pizza is placed on a brick surface, water in the dough is heated into steam. The texture and porosity of the brick lets the steam move away from the bottom of the dough, while the heat retained in the brick crisps the bottom and cooks the dough. Until now, this could only happen with firebrick or ceramics, at temperatures higher than a home oven. The SprayBrick coating puts the texture and porosity needed to crisp and cook a pizza onto the aluminum BakePlate, so those crust characteristics can be duplicated in a home oven.

“It’s easy to scorch the bottom of a pizza without fully cooking the crust, especially with high heat on metal bakeware,” says VanEsch USA founder Glen Esche. “The SprayBrick coating has spaces for steam to move away from the bottom of the pizza, just like brick. The coating also buffers the heat going into the crust, so the BakePlate holds more heat than stone or steel, but will cook and crisp without scorching.”

The new SprayBrick coating is a nickel-free stainless steel that resists oxidation at high temperatures. The steel is melted at temperatures over 5000°F then sprayed onto the aluminum surface of the BakePlate in multiple coats. Material feed, particle size and velocity are controlled to produce the texture desired. The surface is extremely hard and corrosion resistant.


Glen Esche
VanEsch USA
(630) 485-1654


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