Visionary Business Leaders Praise “Growth Igniters® Radio with Pam Harper and Scott Harper” As It Enters 8th Year

GLEN ROCK, N.J., Feb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CEOs, C-Suite executives and corporate directors are showering high praise on the popular business podcast series "Growth Igniters® Radio with Pam Harper & Scott Harper." These listeners tune in for powerful insights, inspiration, and immediately useful ideas to take them – and their companies – to their next level of innovation, transformation and game-changing business growth.

Now entering its eighth year with over 200 episodes released, this free, professionally produced half-hour audio podcast is hosted by internationally known keynote speaker and strategic growth advisor Pamela S. "Pam" Harper, Founding Partner and CEO of Business Advancement Inc. (BAI), and her business partner and husband, D. Scott "Scott" Harper, Ph.D., an internationally recognized advisor on innovation leadership.

"We explore issues that are most relevant to CEOs, C-Suite Executives, Corporate Directors, and others focused on leading their successful companies for transformational business growth," explains Pam Harper, author of the critically acclaimed book, "Preventing Strategic Gridlock®: Leading Over, Under & Around Organizational Jams to Achieve High Performance Results."

Adds Scott Harper, "Our listeners tell us they appreciate that we break episodes into fast-paced 8-minute segments: The Premise, Digging Deeper, and Immediately Useful Ideas. This makes it easier to take action while an idea is still fresh in their minds."

Since the bi-weekly podcast’s launch in February 2015, prominent guests have included notable CEOs and top executives such as:

  • Brian Scudamore, O2E Brands: Global Franchisor including 1-800 GOT-JUNK and author, "WTF?! Willing to Fail"
  • Peter R. Gleason, National Association of Corporate Directors
  • Shari Spiro, Ad Magic and Breaking Games, publisher of games including "Cards Against Humanity"
  • Lawrence (Larry) Siff, Neptune Advisors and C-Level Community
  • Tanya Hall, Greenleaf Book Group, publisher of best- selling books
  • Other prominent business authors and award-winning leaders include:
  • Adam Bryant, "The Corner Office" and "The CEO Test"
  • David Burkus, "Friend of a Friend"
  • Todd Cherches, "VisuaLeadership"
  • Dorie Clark, "Reinventing You"
  • Deanne De Vries, "Africa: Open for Business"
  • Charles Duhigg, "Smarter, Faster, Better"
  • Jann Freed, "Leading with Wisdom"
  • Fotini Iconomopoulos, "Say Less Get More"
  • Deborah Lee James, 23rd Secretary of the U.S. Air Force, "Aim High"
  • Whitney Johnson, "Disrupt Yourself"
  • Baharat Kanodia, "What it’s Worth"
  • Parag Khanna, "Connectography"
  • Rita McGrath, "Seeing Around Corners"
  • Amy Lee Segami, engineer turned award-winning artist and entrepreneur
  • Amy Showalter, "The Underdog Edge"
  • Tendayi Viki, "Pirates in the Navy"
  • Charlene Wheeless, "You Are Enough"

Each installment of Growth Igniters Radio includes show notes, a play bar, transcript, and related links. Categories include:

  • Leadership for game-changing business growth
  • Transformational CEOs
  • Leadership for Innovation and Transformation
  • Shaping organizational culture and business performance
  • CEO mindset

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  • "You are one of the best interviewers I have ever been lucky enough to speak to," said Shari Spiro, CEO, Ad Magic and Breaking Games
  • "An outstanding podcast series that highlights the cutting-edge issues top leadership needs to know in order to succeed in a disruptive world," said Peter R. Gleason, President & CEO, National Association of Corporate Directors
  • "The breadth of topics they’ve covered over the years is astounding. It’s a real testament to their knowledge of what CEOs, C-Suite executives and Corporate Directors want to hear," said Dr. Deanne De Vries, speaker and author of "Africa: Open for Business"

About Pamela S. Harper
Pam Harper
 is an internationally known keynote speaker, author and Founding Partner and CEO of Business Advancement Inc. (BAI), a strategic growth advisory firm. She helps visionary CEOs, C-Suite executives, and Boards of successful companies cut to the heart of high-stakes strategy and organizational dynamics issues to dramatically accelerate game-changing business growth.

Pam is the author of the critically acclaimed book Preventing Strategic Gridlock and has spoken on leadership issues at numerous conferences. She has been quoted or featured in media including Investor’s Business Daily, Pharmaceutical Executive, and FEI Daily. Along with Scott, her business partner and husband, she is the host of Growth Igniters® Radio.

About D. Scott Harper, Ph.D.
Scott Harper
helps clients reframe their innovation challenges so they can recognize new options, take full advantage of unexpected opportunities, create faster and more powerful decisions, and dramatically increase ROI. He joined BAI after an award-winning corporate career leading innovation teams for beloved brands including Listerine® and Purell®.

Scott has been published and quoted in prominent business media outlets including Chief Executive Magazine, Pharmaceutical Exec, and FEI Daily.

Pamela S. Harper

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