VPN.com Announces Hit.com Domain For Sale

ATLANTA and NEW DELHI, Oct. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VPN, a leader in premium exact-match domain name brokerage has continued to build on success in the premium domain name industry with the announcement of Hit.com for sale.

“Hit.com represents one of the best three-letter dot com domains on the internet. The word is powerful, short, and Internet-relevant. The use-cases and branding options are near limitless. We have worked diligently for the Seller over the last few months to prepare for this sale. We are considering all serious and final offers at this time,” said Michael Gargiulo, CEO at VPN.com.

According to Google Keyword Planner, the leading search volume analysis tool, the term “Hit” receives nearly 700,000 searches every month, globally. This significant search volume aligns Merrium Webster reports of over 23 definitions for the term, “Hit” including the most common when it comes to Internet Marketing, “a visitor or hit to a website.”

“I have owned Hit.com for a long time. We have received countless offers over the years but after we received a very serious 7 figure offer, we felt engaging a broker to maximize the transaction was necessary, which is why we engaged VPN.com. I own a lot of great domain names and up until this year, never put this for sale. I am excited for the future buyer, wherever they may be,” said Rohit Singal, owner of Hit.com.

The Hit.com domain is available exclusively at vpn.com/domains 

To inquire on Hit.com and for more details please email as soon as possible: michael@vpn or


“Hit.com has been registered since June, 1994 making it one of the older domains on the internet. This powerful and premium domain is not only powerful from a branding standpoint but it captures a lot of traffic and search volume,” said Sharjil Saleem, VP of Domains at VPN.com.

VPN.com recently published a transaction involving the ultra-premium domain University.com, which was later revealed by Andrew Tate on Twitter, now viewed over 9 million times.

Other premium domain names for sale including: Ninja.com, Product.com, Marine.com, 445.com, and Lug.com.

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