WhitelistNFT Launches Whitelist Management Platform that Helps NFT Collectors and NFT Project Founders

DALLAS, Feb. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WhitelistNFT, LLC recently launched their MintPass sale on January 30 at 6 p.m. EST. The WhitelistNFT MintPass is a user’s ticket into upcoming NFT pre-sales by top, community-vetted projects that use the WhitelistNFT platform to manage and promote their pre-sale.

WhitelistNFT has created a suite of applications that connect NFT collectors, NFT project founders, and existing NFT communities into a tightly integrated ecosystem that benefits everyone involved. NFT collectors that own a WhitelistNFT MintPass participate in a voting process to vet upcoming NFT drops and decide which ones will get the full support of the WhitelistNFT partner network, which includes some of the most well-known NFT projects in the space including The Doge Pound, Hashmasks, and many others.

If a project passes a community vote, they are broadcast to WhitelistNFT partner communities, which comprises hundreds of thousands of NFT collectors. In return for this promotion, WhitelistNFT requires these projects to reserve "whitelist spots" in their pre-sale for WhitelistNFT MintPass holders and partner communities – effectively guaranteeing early access to those drops to all collectors in the WhitelistNFT ecosystem, often at a lower price than is offered to the public.

The WhitelistNFT platform is powered by some serious engineering, built by a team who worked together for over a decade for some of the most well-known companies in Silicon Valley. The platform has deep Discord integration, which is critical for NFT founders since Discord has become the de facto community management tool in the NFT space. WhitelistNFT provides NFT project founders with a highly efficient method of awarding whitelist spots and collecting wallet addresses from within Discord. Wallet addresses are stored "off-chain," saving founders thousands of dollars in Ethereum gas fees and helping them avoid the logistical issues involved in collecting wallet addresses. This is possible via a novel solution that uses "merkle trees" to verify wallet addresses without the need to store wallet addresses in a smart contract.

"In 2021 and before, NFTs were mostly about art. In 2022 and beyond, the space will evolve rapidly in the direction of utility, with increasingly sophisticated software platforms being built around NFT collections," says Leroy Ware (aka Zorpheux), Co-Founder of WhitelistNFT, Crypto Investor and Entrepreneur. "Our platform leverages the collective wisdom and experience of our community to vet projects. This keeps the community engaged and also ensures that projects that are broadcast to our partners have been reviewed and approved before being presented to their communities."

WhitelistNFT is donating a substantial percentage of revenue from its initial MintPass sale and ongoing platform revenue to build a large Community Gallery of NFTs for the WhitelistNFT community. WhitelistNFT will soon be airdropping a crypto token to MintPass holders called $MINT. Those tokens can be "burned" in exchange for NFTs in the Community Gallery, and additional $MINT tokens can be earned every time a MintPass holder participates in a client pre-sale via a "mint to earn" model that appears to be the first of its kind in the space.

To learn more about WhitelistNFT, please visit WhitelistNFT.xyz/.

About WhitelistNFT
Spawned by the engineers of WenMint, WhitelistNFT is a premier allocator of major NFT whitelist pre-sale slots, providing NFT collectors with early access to top upcoming projects and a powerful suite of tools and promotional support to NFT project founders.

You can follow WhitelistNFT and the latest drops on Twitter at @WhitelistNFTxyz and Discord at https://discord.gg/WhitelistNFT.

Media Contact
Tyler Bryant, Interdependence Public Relations