Women’s Foundation of the South President and Founder Carmen J. Randolph Joins Philanthropy Forward

The Fellowship community is pleased to welcome Ms. Randolph to its impressive roster of influential philanthropy leaders

NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Carmen J. Randolph, the iconic philanthropic leader changing lives for women and girls of color in the South, and Founder and President of Women’s Foundation of the South, has joined Philanthropy Forward as a Fellow. 

Philanthropy Forward, a CEO fellowship community for visionary leaders who center racial and gender justice and community power building, was launched to disrupt and transform the future of philanthropy. This fellowship brings together CEOs of foundations who are supporting racial and gender justice and community power building to make deeper change at the individual, organizational, and philanthropic field levels.

With a framework focused on liberated gatekeeping, accountability practices, and strategic risk taking to lead change, Philanthropy Forward is a dedicated space for leaders to organize together and boldly advance the transformed future of the sector. This growing fellowship of visionary CEOs from progressive philanthropic institutions is aligning to disrupt and transform the future of philanthropy.

Philanthropy Forward is a joint initiative started in 2018 by Neighborhood Funders Group and The Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions. Fellows will offer peer coaching, webinars, network organizing, racial identity subgroup work, and 360-degree organizational assessments.

Women’s Foundation of the South was launched to address and rectify the many troubling issues faced by women and girls of color in the South, with intersectionality coloring almost all aspects of their lives. Ms. Randolph, WFS’s leader, has long sought to improve futures for women and girls of color in the South by supporting both women-of-color-led nonprofits who do the same and women-of color entrepreneurs. Joining Philanthropy Forward underscores just how aligned WFS and Philanthropy Forward are when it comes to advancing racial and gender justice as pertains to philanthropy.

About Women’s Foundation of the South:

WFS centers and invests in the collective power, health, well-being, economic security, and leadership of women and girls of color in the South. WFS is a permanent, endowed institution that serves as a gateway for donors, foundations, corporations, and individual investors to maximize the social impact of their investments in women and girls of color in the South. By transforming the way philanthropy prioritizes its funding, we can effect systemic change in gender and racial injustice when it comes to charitable giving.

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