World’s First Online Education and Resource Platform to Help Boutique Hotels Compete with Corporate Hotel Chains and Airbnb Announces Its Launch

By giving bed & breakfasts, inns, and independent lodging access to industry experts, insider tools, and a global community to optimize their marketing, operations, and sales, Hospitality Concierge is leveling the playing field for boutique hotel owners.

ASHEVILLE, N.C., March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hospitality Concierge, the world’s first online platform helping boutique hospitality owners compete with large corporate hotel chains through live and on-demand training, tools, and connection to a global community, announces its launch. By giving access to industry experts, proven marketing strategies, and helping local hoteliers leverage resources that do not require paid marketing, Hospitality Concierge is providing a long overdue solution to strengthen the overlooked industry staple. This comes at a time when the post-pandemic popularity of local, curated experiences has sped up the consumer demand for smaller boutique hotels, but they are still being monopolized by large hotel corporations’ lifestyle hotel collections. Since 2017, acquisitions of independent hotels by large companies are at an all time high.

“We know that bed and breakfasts are stewards of preserving a city’s culture and history, while also contributing greatly to local sustainability and resources,” says Mandy Murry, founder and CEO of Hospitality Concierge. “But the #1 reason they can’t compete with big hotel chains is not that they are small, but because they lack the access to resources to maximize revenue opportunities that are already within their reach.”

By hosting on-demand and live training on its web and mobile-friendly platform, Hospitality Concierge provides easy ways for a local owner to discover hidden profit opportunities, create easy upsells, and increase customer lifetime value. The app also helps users optimize their existing social media and Google maps to boost discoverability and implement organic marketing strategies. Most importantly, the community-based app connects bed & breakfast owners and management from around the world on one platform to share insights and ideas to increase profitability. Now, local innkeepers can leverage the tools large hotel chains already use to maximize revenue.

Founded by Mandy Murry, a hospitality and marketing expert who increased the revenue of her own boutique hotel by $1 million in just 12 months, Hotel Concierge gives the latest actionable roadmap to help others without paid marketing. In the next 12 months, Hotel Concierge will host monthly live training with award-winning chefs/sommeliers, hoteliers, and local culture curators to empower boutique hotel owners to tap into their own competitive advantage.

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Founded by a former boutique hotel owner, Hospitality Concierge is the world’s first online education and resource platform to help boutique hotels compete with corporate hotel chains and AirBnBs. By giving independent bed & breakfasts, inns, and independent lodging owners and management access to the industry’s best training, tools, and actionable strategies to maximize revenue opportunities within their reach and enhance the guest experience, Hospitality Concierge is committed to preserving the vitality of local culture and communities. For more information about the Hotel Concierge app, visit

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