You Booked It Podcast Has Become the GO-TO Podcast for Broadway Performers, Renowned Choreographers, Dancers, Actors, and Entertainment Professionals

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For nearly a year COVID-19 has decimated the live entertainment industry; but while the industry has taken a hit the You Booked It Podcast has stepped in as a positive light while quickly becoming the #1 Resource of Expertise on How to Create a Successful Entertainment Career. Host and creator, Dane Reis has interviewed nearly 200 entertainment professionals with the mission of discovering the true fundamentals of what it takes to succeed. Guest have included Tony Award Winners, Emmy Nominees, World Renowned Choreographers, Broadway Actors, Company Dancers, Authors, Agents, and more! You Booked It Podcast is available to listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or your preferred podcast platform.

You Booked It consists of approximately 30-minute long interviews with entertainment professionals. Dane asks an identical series of questions to every podcast guest. Making it easy for the listener to extract the lessons and immediately apply them to their careers! By listening to how different guests answer the same questions, the true success fundamentals are now presenting themselves. Currently, there is no other resource that matches You Booked It Podcast in sheer volume and breadth of expertise on how to be an entertainment professional.

“Creating a successful entertainment career is SO much more than talent,” said Dane. “As we train to become professionals, most education programs only focus on the immediate skillset… singing, dancing, acting, or whatever your talent may be. No one is talking about, or teaching mental health, financial literacy, mindset, marketing, branding, and how to actually make your skills work for you in the real world. How to actually generate income with your talents. That is what You Booked It Podcast aims to solve.

In addition to the educational aspect, You Booked It Podcast also offers podcast guests the opportunity to promote themselves and “give themselves a plug” for any upcoming projects or opportunities they are involved in. Listeners of the podcast consist of aspiring entertainment professionals, as well as those in the trenches living their careers. Listeners are also from every aspect of the entertainment industry (Broadway, Film & TV, Models, Dancers, Actors, Singers, Voice Over, Music, Agencies, and more).

In the end of February 2021 Dane is launching the You Booked It Community. It is a direct extension of the podcast, and is a centralized space for entertainment professionals (and aspiring pros) to build industry relationships, learn how to navigate their career, and learn the must-know information for any market they want to work in. With the ability to text, voice, and video chat with any community member… it is the only place to directly connect with “Your People” and connect with the ENTIRE entertainment industry as your career develops and evolves! Dane will also be bringing in Masterclass teachers on a regular basis to help further even more people in their careers!

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Created and hosted by veteran performer Dane Reis, You Booked It Podcast aims to help aspiring and current professional entertainers achieve thriving, sustainable careers through valuable insights and resources gained from interviews with established entertainers who have been in the business for years.

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