Zebra Brothers Capital Launches

Independent Company Will Partner with Corporate and Financial Institutions That Have a Mandate to Deploy Social Justice Racial Equity Impact Funding

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ralph Mendy Henderson Jr and James Huntsman jointly announced today the formation of Zebra Brothers Capital (ZBC).

Zebra Brothers Capital is a new fund that will primarily seek to support minority owned businesses in a wide variety of industries including entertainment, technology, real estate and other related services. Ralph will serve as CEO while James Huntsman joins as COO. Additional team members will be announced shortly. The fund will be based in Los Angeles and will have offices in Salt Lake City and New York.

ZBC founders Henderson and Huntsman jointly commented: “After many years of working in the entertainment industry as colleagues, we are thrilled to finally partner and work together on investment and economic issues important to us and our communities.”

Ralph and James previously announced the formation of Blue Fox Impact, a social and economic justice-focused company with a focus on the film and technology industries as well as real estate and other related services. 


Ralph Mendy Henderson is a leading contributor to social justice, equity equality, social reforms, and other similar critical programs. Mr. Henderson previously served as national president of One United Bank, a leading black-owned bank, and provided investment advisory services for corporations, hedge funds, family offices, and organizations like the NAACP, Urban League and the U.S. congressional black caucus. He also served as a part of the ownership advisory group, for Ebony and Jet Magazine. He was national adviser to Equal Justices Now, the foundation started by Ben Crump, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s attorney.  Mr. Henderson currently serves as head of BT Capital, and social justice radical equity impact investment firms Green Global Funding and Black & Brown Capital Group.


James Huntsman created Blue Fox Entertainment in 2015, a leading international sales and domestic distribution company.   The company distributes and sells approximately 25 movies a year with an emphasis on the domestic theatrical market. In 2022, Blue Fox acquired Crossroads Lending to form Blue Fox Financing.  James has produced numerous films including the documentaries CHURCH AND STATE and THE SNOWMAN TREK as well as the WW1 thriller BUNKER.  Prior to 2015, James spent over 2 decades working in the family business his father started in 1971.

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